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Friday, July 04, 2014

THINK About Safety This Weekend !

Think about safety when it comes to explosives AKA fireworks, ok !  In this YT video this guy not just flies his DJ Phantom near the exploding fireworks, he flies directly thru the explosions with several near misses. One buring spark seems to hit the lens. While it might of seemed spectacular at first, think about how he endangered the show. What would of happened if the DJ got hit and went down on one of the barges being used to set the fireworks off ? Misfire and explosion if it landed on a yet to fire shell tube ? What about crashing onto one of the boats there ? Especially if the plastic of the plane was on fire because of a direct hit. The thoughtlessness of this operator was really striking. 

So while the close flybys are a maybe, and looked great, the fly thrus where not good thinking. Be safe, think !