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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Goodbye Tungsten

Its no secret tungsten lighting is mostly dead. I put out a couple of leco's ( with working bulbs ! ) and a focusing cyc / broad light to the curb today. The edison connectors and stand adapters worth more than the lights. Those parts went into my spare parts  box.  Even my DP lights rarely work these days. I did fire up one with a 36X24 chimera several months ago on a shoot, but it was for very specific reasons in how I needed to light this one set up. 

How many of you know WNEW ? NJ ! long story how I got this light and another one outside of they were sitting in some one else's storage. I was cleaning it out and grabbed them instead of tossing them in the dumpster. Used them maybe twice.... 1K bulbs are probably new with 5-10 hrs on them !

LED's have pretty much replaced all my tungsten. I'm getting another 48 emitter Paradime light this week, in fact the last one ever being built ! Great lights, but no one wants to pay what they are worth so they are finishing up one last production run and thats it. Sad since they are amazing in output, mil spec build quality, weight and overal functionality. 

UPDATE : Next morning the lights are gone....just a bit less clutter around here !