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Monday, July 21, 2014

Seagate Is Shipping 8TB Drives !

I felt pretty good I had loaded my older mac tower up with a bunch of 3TB drives and I'm running them as an array that does 500mb/sec all day long. Pleasure to edit on. Now Seagate has announced they are shipping 8TB drives to select aka enterprise customers. Shouldn't be long before they are available for the masses. Talk about making easy backups for your collections of perfectly good and working smaller drives ! Also Seagate has hinted about 10tb drives this year as well. The real question - realiability. I hate being the one to buy first gen drives. When I built my 3TBX3 array I ordered toshiba drives. 2 where DOA and were replaces with hitachi units. I suspect they had one big run of bad drives as lots of others where saying the same thing. Guess the smart thing is to wait a few months after they start shipping. Either way pretty welcome and this should also put some real price pressure on SSD's that I like even more. I'd love to put dual 1TB SSD's into my laptop but the price is pretty out there for now. This may help change this. However these 8tb drives because of how close they space the bits should prove to be very very fast ! We'll see.