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Friday, August 01, 2014

EAA 2014 !

Hey its that time of the year ! EAA AirVenture 2014. More great experiences with living history from WW2 WASPs to Vietnam Vets to pioneers in aviation. Its an amazing experience to work at.... the NAB of airplanes if you must ! Ya this is the deal. 

More soon once I survive the 12-14 hour days we are doing. Since my primary job is sound, I'm doing all sorts of crazy stuff. I'm going from simple sit down interviews to feeding 4 cameras wireless as I move between them giving sound to their shots. Having worked together enough, we have understanding and rhythm that doesn't take words, ever so much like playing in a band ! The bands here have been great and the sound system and mix as well. Tight, controlled and awesome for an outdoor stage. 

As always this has been a challenging gig on myself ( MUST get SLEEP ) and gear. I added more wireless this year and busted my Rycote's handle. I added a TC break away cable while doing more wireless to camera than ever. The cable is just to much effort and dangerous at times to deal with when working in fast flowing events. Ok, I need sleep tonite !