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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Canon Cine 50mm Quick Test

So I got some time with some Canon cine glass. The quick review and summary is rather short. The handling and mechinics are great. Even shooting w/o a follow focus you can easily rack focus. In the small LCD VF the image was quite contrasty and made focusing easy. This is all as you would expect. What did I not like ? besides the price ? Well wide open performance was less than stellar. In many respects I've seen $100-$200 lenses do as well. I saw the typical softness and glow of vintage glass, although not as heavy. It seemed like a EF 50 1.4 in a new housing despite its T1.3 marking. I'd expect for the price better performance wide open. 

Stop it down to T2 and most of the haze goes away and at 2.8 its what you would expect - very contrasty and sharp. It also seemed like this lens was a bit cooler in color reproduction, certainly over the OM 50 1.4 that I actually own. The OM 50 has thorium glass so it tends to go warm with age unless you leave it out in sunlight for a day or two to let the UV clear it. Its much like having a warming filter in place which isn't a bad thing for people shooting. However comparing the Canon to my Rokinon's it still seemed a little bit cooler. 

The really nice part of this lens is the 11 blade apeture making for more mellow and smooth bokeh. The image below came from the OM 50 1.4. It actually made those nice 8 point stars without a filter. I've never seen the lens do that before with things like street lights. I was probably at about 2.8 I think.... but in the dark running around maybe the iris got spun down to 16 or 22 which would make sense for it to make those stars. 


Some lively bokeh from the OM 50 1.4 and why I love this lens so much, especially since I've declicked it. The flare really added to this image and made it much more interesting to me. I don't think the canon cine would of been as interesting an image for this shot.