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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Help Me Get This Kickstarter Project Going For Doc !

My turn at KickStarter to fund the production of this doc, part 2.

7 years ago I spent a year shooting this project on how drug addiction affects not the addicts, but their family members, friends and children. Now we would like to go back and see how its all played out - has intervention and treatment worked ? or not ! We've tracked down several on the original interview people and their children. We REALLY want to do and shoot the follow up interviews to see how its all turned out for better or worse. Your funding can help make this happen !. So please consider your support for this project because it DOES matter. 

The original project was to help addicts in recovery see how their actions effected others, now we want to see the more long range effects. So please lend your  support to this project and feel free to share it on FaceBook.