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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Its Summer, Take Time Off !

I suppose I haven't been posting much. Well it is summer, the weather here has been great. I've also been working a lot too which is great. Above is a shot from a trip I did a few days ago on the Wolf River going from New London WI to Fremont WI, 23mi by water. When you get to this sort of distance paddling the details of your gear so matter. A lighter boat, an ultra light paddle made of carbon fiber are the big ones but the little ones matter too like if your seat is comfortable or adjusted right. When you spend hours in it even something small can become intensely irritating at the very least, maybe worse.

Likewise my gear has taken a beating this summer too with all the work going on. I broke the handle on my Rycote S zepplin. It fell over and cracked across the front of the handle and up and down the center the handle. The rubber covers held it together. Well a couple wraps of gaffer tape got my thru a week of straight work. I figured I was gonna buy a replacement part but instead tried something else. I got out my industrial grade plastic cement and gave it a shot. I liberally coated the cracks, held it together and waited a few minutes for it to try. Partial success. The plastic clearly reacted and melted to the glue but I didn't have a good bond at all. Well about 6 coats of glue later the joints finally welded themselves back together and all seems good. I also put a couple small pieces of 1/8" plexi across the main split seam for good measure. Seems ok, tell you in a few weeks if its working or not. No all gear is this easy to fix either....

Meanwhile I'm getting ready for an even longer 25mi trip in a few weeks. Since I stretched my self out on this trip I want some recovery time and gear tweak time. Same thing for my video gear. After 2 weeks of straight work, my cases where pretty disorganized and I spent the better part of the day repacking them so they where they way they are supposed to be. Keeping your cases striaght is important when last minute things come in - you don't have to think about if something is where its supposed to be, it just is. 

I'm also taking delivery of one more of those great Paradime LED lights I have. I'm getting the last 48 emitter big light ! Thats it, no more... well ok there are a couple of the small 12 emitter lights left but the big ones are gone. Glad I was able to get one more because I love these lights. They are working on just about everything I shoot. Oh, and the cheap panel lights I bought rarely work now. I carry them for backup but so far haven't needed them since the new ones went into use. Maybe I'll sell them off....

Anyway, enjoy whats left of summer. If you can't play, at least I hope you find some outside production work while its good.