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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

8TB Hard Drives Shipping !

Shipping in limited quantities to "enterprise" customers. Quantity a couple months out. This drive doesn't require helium inside as some other 6 or 8TB drives do so this sounds vastly more viable for long term use. So I can yank the three 3TB drives in my tower out, and throw these in for 3X8= 24TB of space ! Except I only use this array for online projects and only keep a few TB on it at any given time. I backup any non working projects to 1 or 2tb volumes depending on project and client. Even as bare drives the MB/sec should be very high, I'd expect 350mb/sec  + just scaling known things up a bit. 3 drives should deliver an insane 1gb/sec.... which is cool since we are all about to start editing a couple streams of 4K 10bit uncompressed.... or more streams of 1080 than you  will ever need.