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Monday, September 01, 2014

Shot With Some 85mm Lens....

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This Canon 100 2.8L Macro is great, shot this hand held on a 60D at F8. Did you hear me just lie ? How would you know ? The astute pixel peeper wouldn't of been fooled by the sharpness, contrast and color rendition. They would of looked at the bokeh which was the dead giveaway I was lying. Its got nice even round highlight blooms. The Canon would of made octagons stopped down. So what fine, did I say very affordable ? 85mm lens really took this shot ? a 40 year old Jupiter 9 from the 80's. The Jupiter 9 has a 15 blade iris that's simply awesome when you stop the lens down as the highlights still render like the lens would wide open. As I have often said, stop a lens down and most make very acceptable to great images. In fact just to make a point I did a shoot out between the Jupiter 9 and another fine lens, the Rokinon Cine 85 1.5. Video tomorrow !