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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

You Just Have To Get It Right

So we're about to do a live shot and these guys are hard at work. Not ONE leave blower, how about 12 ! You can't see the others on the opposite of me. Its the old curse of location work - leaf blowers ! Well guess what, they aren't going to shut down and we have a shot to do. Hand held to the rescue and sound was perfectly clean. While the request had been a lav it was simply picking up way too much of the noise so we simply had to ignore the request of style over getting good sound. Got the job done. It meant having all the gear ready to go.

Of course once the lead blowers where done... then came the sprinklers ! Well at least

the grounds crew talked with us so we knew it was coming... and just left what didn't matter if it got wet setup, which was almost nothing.

30 minutes later we did our next shot. Just a typical day in TV !