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Friday, September 26, 2014

Hero4 4K



It may of taken a little longer than expected but the Hero4 info was leaked. 4k @ 30fps is the expected news, 1080 @ 120, 2.7K @ 50. Also there is supposed to be some manual control now - "ISO", exposure, and better long exposures in dark lighting situations. All the things we wished had been in the H3. These specs are for the Black edition. Silver edition with lower frame rates but with touch screen. The Black vers will also have LCD on back of camera. Another couple of new toys to buy..... Glad I got rid of my H1's but my H2 still makes useful shots in daylight. In fact just used 2 shots from it on a product video a month ago. As for the H4 I wonder how fast it will eat thru batteries. The one thing I really hate about the H3 is the smaller battery and shorter run times. In fact leaving the battery in the camera tends to drain even if its off. So getting some extra batteries and seperate charger is a requirement.