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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I'd Post Something Useful, But What ?


This must be the strangest post yet....

Stop ! ?

Well because.... I've been silly busy the last month with work. Its all good, happy to have it. Bought a few new toys, I've been working on 2 new lens review videos, and taking time OFF ! Ya, thats right, time OFF ! Its perhaps the most important time you have. Time you spend perhaps by yourself, or with your partner of the time. Its funny how I've posted several times about off time. Its important. Life management. Self respect to say no sometimes, or have some one else you trust cover for you. 


Presque Isle River South Branch... somewhere in the MI U.P.

Right now its just been all production work and I'm happy. Do your day, done. Not so bad, next. That doesn't mean I haven't been doing post. In fact I'm working on a TV show series as well. All good too but leaving me little time to post here. Well I'm not slacking off, just picking my jobs carefully, all of them ! That means working in the rain today and the next day. No complaints ( to much ), just get it done, show goes on. Life in TV. If you balance your off time with your on time, it'll be ok. Well hopefully you have a partner who understands life ins't always M-F, 9-5. It can mean tues at 6AM, thurs finish at midnight. I'd get pretty bored with 9-5 everyday, I think... Oh yes I would. Work when it comes, time off whenever you get it and make the most of it !