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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Breaking Too Much Stuff

Thats the bottom of my laptop. I've had it open about 4 times in the last week and a half due to the hard drive shuffle. First the original 750 drive I had in there was flaky. Ok, replace it with Samsung 2 TB drive #1 pried from a USB case. I bought this a few weeks ago. Format and copy stuff over to it but it seems to shut down due to laptop's internal heat. Once it shuts off it won't come back up w/o a reboot but it otherwise seems to work. Hint : don't believe everything you read on the internet that you can buy the 2TB drive in a USB case for $15 less than the bare drive and its the same drive even if the skew numbers are the same. Its got to be different firmware, but I lost the drive out of my computer bag so I can't check it. 

Great ! Ok, remove it put it back in USB case where it works fine, reinstall 750g drive for  now. Order NEW Samsung 2 TB drive #2. Wait a few days. Open laptop again, install drive, spend 24hrs copying data from original 750g drive in USB sled to new 2TB internal drive. Copy is slow because I'm using Disk Warrior 4.4 to mount the drive, the system won't mount the drive due to directory problems. Ok, great, I'm done, right ? All sorts of weird write problems with the new drive.

SUDO CHMOD -R 0777 /Volumes/2TB ! ok that should be fixed. Nope. Numerous command line bits later, a test with Disk Warrior reveals this drive maybe having problems. Ok, re-partition the drive. That fails with " can't erase directory....." error in disk utility. Tried several times, same error. Ok, this drive is bad too. Return to Amazon.... print labels, find box, call for pick up... oh wait I forget, open the laptop and its 25 or so screws to get the drive out from the optical bay adapter.

Ordered another Samsung drive #3 from NewEgg hoping this drive will come from another batch rather than replace from Amazon. Paid $10 more at newegg, whatever. Ok, now I wait again for the next drive I hope is good. I plan to test it in eSATA dock first before copying the contents of my old 750g drive. Oh, I also copied the contents of the 750G drive onto my tower's array as back and hopefully a fast copy back... and you may be wondering why I haven't been posting as much as usual !

Oh, then the repair I made on the Rycote S handle rebroke itself. The plexi I glued on actually bonded fine and just sort of cracked but didn't come off. Other parts of the handle just didn't stick as well. Another $50 and a week of waiting but I have a new handle. Glad I'm not using the cheap gear at this rate !