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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

C100 Mk2


OK, well who saw this coming ? Very odd they didn't introduce this at IBC a few weeks ago since its clearly been in the works for a while. In many respects its what the C100 should of been to start with. That said there is still a lot to like especially with the upgrades on the camera. Since the camera is now processing 4K internally instead of 1080 its had some image improvements. Hard to say what those are except perhaps the increase in ISO to 80,000 and I"m sure and even quiter image in the more useful under ISO 10K range. I'll take it. Wifi plus Wifi App puts this into current day camera range. The bump up in data rate to 35mbits in MP4 mode is nice, but its not 50 that would put this camera into the acceptable for demanding broadcasters range of productions. Still protecting the C300/500 which I'm sure have updates coming.... or both those models go away for a C400 thats 4K. Given all the new cameras that are doing 4K I can't see canon doing anything else less to stay relivant in the game 6-12 months out. I don't think canon is used to having to innovate this fast. However, even Sony, the slower player to market has gotten it on with the FS7 @ $8K base, about $12K shootable. Quite simply put canon has to get into this price range with a 4K camera thats 13-14 stops of dynamic range. Of course I'm starting to think dynamic range beyond that is starting to just be a ratings game as most real shooting situations just don't need that much. In fact on some recent shoots I've found myself wanting LESS dynamic range to get black blacks and white whites. Instead I had flatter images that needed stretching out in post to look right.

Will I get one ? maybe. If canon has a trade up program that might make the deal sweeter. What I mostly miss from the camera is SDI out. Canon has SDI on its $2K plamcorders, as they also have 50mbit Mpeg2. The codec doesn't bother me as I have a ninja to monitor and record on. The MP4 codec is a modest upgrade but really we should have 50 or 100mbit recording. Honestly there is just NO EXCUSE for it except trying to protect the higher models. The problem is, we are all wise to that and have lots of other options right now that are cheaper or in the same price range with better features like, uh 4K. Canon time to get your shit together.