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Monday, October 27, 2014

Please Add Your Support For MOX Media Format


I'm happy to say that we finally have a solution on the horizon for the woes of many current media file formats and codecs. I know many PC users don't like QT and they can't easily write to ProRes. Yes there are some reverse engineered ProRes encoders for PC now but reports vary in how well they work and if their image quality is as good as the real apple encoder. For years we have all complained about cross platform compatibility, closed source codecs, patent encumbered codecs, good codecs that don't support alpha channel or resolution independence, additional video channels like Z depth, ect... Oh and documentation about the format so that in the future you could write new code to open up your old media. 

Thanks to Brendon Bolles we can change that by taking destiny into our own hands instead of begging the guys to give us what we need. Introducing MOX, open source, source code available once up and running. MOX the container is based on SINGLE file MXF which is a well documented format. Uncompressed and compressed formats including Dirac ,OpenEXR and Jpeg, deep color, multiple channels. Follow the link to read all the details, you'll like what you read. 

Please consider supporting this project with the one thing its going to need - a modest investment. $20 would be great to get you in the door early and help this project go. Its been less than a week and its already gotten to 60% of its base funding goal. Lets make it 100% funded this week and get it past the base so that other additions will be possible. Now is the chance to quit complaining about whats wrong with all the current media formats and help create a new format that does everything you need for an intermediate or mastering codec. Who knows  but I really think this format will also make its way into some cameras too. So please add your support to help make this happen !