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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Lens Review : Rokinon 8mm Cine

Another lens review ! This time I take a look at the Rokinon Cine 8mm with some examples. This was also my first time around with adding Film Convert to the mix. I love its B&W looks and a put a few in since you rarely seem to see them out there. OTH my lighting could of used a little more gradation and tonality. 8 bit color can sometimes hit you and this is probably an example of how skin tones can be reduced to just a couple of values. Hey it looked good at the camera monitor !  Expand them out a bit with some small adjustments and things don't look so happy. Well poster case for NOT shooting flat if you can help it, especially with a 8 bit codec. I did record 422 to DNxHD 145 just for the record so no the internal h.264 isn't to blame here.

On another note, I probably just haven't been posting a whole lot here. Part of that is simply the huge workload I've been under the last several months combined with the office move.  Another part of that has simply been its hard always finding stuff to post about every day or two which also again takes a lot of time. So I'm making a course correction here - more videos and related content, less typing. Its not that I won't, its just that you have to pick and choose. I've also found that I'm making a tiny bit of money from YouTube now. So  more videos has always been part of my game plan, I'm just finally putting more out there. Even videos I know I tend to put out in bursts. Its just the nature of shooting a couple things in one day and then out they go right after each other. I've thought about lower quality and more frequent, but even that can be hard and even more time consuming that writing a couple paragraphs every few days. I'd rather keep the quality up and do things that I'm happy with.