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Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy New Year - Charge Your Batteries !

Hey Happy New Year ! A lot has happened in my own life if you've been following my Facebook posts. For better I hope are those changes... We'll see ! 

Anyways, got new toys for xmas or Chanukah ? Well the Waston charger may be your asnwer to have one charger for all those batteries. Change the plates on it, they cost about $3 each instead of a complete new charger. You can pack 2 or 3 of these palm sized chargers with a bunch of plates and charge everything you have in stead of a case full of different ones. Check it out !

As for the coming year, yes I'm going to concentrate on more review videos and similar content. Update this site like some others every day or two is at times pretty intense and my goal is to provdie content they aren't providing. I want to give you ideas, reviews, news in context that has meaning rather than pushing out re-written prereleases of some company with some new gear. If I'm going to write, its going to be about more long term goals as far is how any particular piece of gear fits into the big picture, or not. Some gear is regrettably near disposable like GoPro cameras for price and how often they get updated. I want to talk about sound business practices and not low balling your rates because you are afraid of loosing a job. The sort of things other sites aren't carrying. 

I also want to hear more from you folks ! Don't be bashful about making a quick comment. I've met a lot of you who tell me you read this site often and it would really help me keep the content coming when I know you are out there reading it... or even making purchase or business decisions based on the morsels of knowledge I offer up from experience. 

That brings me to something else. I had been on a "Media Professionals" group on Facebook. I eventually bailed on it and actually defriended one or two people there. Why ?  Well most them weren't really working pro's but people trying to start into the biz, which is fine. However, their incredible lack of experience, of plain old yet to be getting screwed over by clients, ect, left them in denial of my very hard earned wisdom. Worse than ignoring it - go ahead and make the same mistakes I've made, they mocked it as if they knew better, with at best a couple years in the biz. This was in part fed by a university instructor in the group and it seems many on the list had been in her classes. Because I had better wisdom to offer, actual correct answers to problems like why their NLE wasn't working nice ( and I was right and it solved the problem ) she got very challenged and just started name calling and acting like a child. DeFriend ! Sorry if her ego couldn't stand being shown to be, well, in plain English the pretender she was.Better to have attitude and BS than an actual working solution. 

I'm about trying to help people. I've spent incredible amounts of time going thru problems and solving them. I've been involved in the development of many of the apps people use everyday and have inside understanding of whats going on. I'm not asking anyone to pay for it here, well, unless you want me on site or on the phone as consultant where I can usually resolve the problem in a few minutes. That does have value to some people and companies. So please don't piss on me because on some forum, I had the right answer and I answered confidently. Instead, just learn. I am ALWAYS learning, trying new things, working thru bugs, ect. and I'll offer that hard won knowledge if you ask, nicely.