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Friday, February 06, 2015

The Non-News Of The 5Ds For Video

If you shoot stills and use Canon, the new 5Ds will be on your buy list this year. 50mpxl images should be amazing and might even mean some of your lenses are going to show as not being as sharp as you'd like. F5.6 over 2.8 if you want to see those pixels well used. 

On the video side... there is no 5Dv - a 4K video version with lower res sensor specific for 4K video. Its what Sony has done with their amazing A7 line of cameras offering specialized versions for your particular needs. Smart. 

The price drop of the 1D C to $8K is another puzzlement. Its perhaps their attempt to get into the 4K game with a camera that has a more realistic price for the market. Also quite likely inventory clear out and the camera just wasn't selling to well at the old price point.

Clearly Canon is sliding itself out of the dslr market for pro's. A market it created really by accident by all accounts. Canon is going to cede the low end large sensor market to the other consumer camera makers. Its obvious now. While they will keep 1080HD on their cameras, especially the T series consumer dslr the pro cameras I don't think are going to see a low priced 4K option. There is too much competition in this market. Instead Canon is going to work on making its dslr's, especially the pro level ones back to being best in class products. No more video distractions because thats what the Canon video division is for. 

The C300 and C500 are overdue for upgrade. Here is my wild crazy bets : 

The C100 fulfills very nicely the lower end of the pro market and its users. The Mk2 mostly got everything right except lack of a 50mbit internal codec. $350 gets you a Ninja Star and problem solved.

C300 becomes C400. Full 4K camera, 2K and 1080 options. Basically a repackaged C500 with the hand grip back. The other thing I'll expect is 13-14 stops dynamic range to stay competitive with other cameras out there and beat out the other sub $10k 4K cameras with only 12stops of range. Will they put a 10bit codec on board ? yes if they have brains. RAW may still be left out for the next model up. Competes with Sony FS7.

C500 becomes C800. No not 6K or 8K, but I'll suspect a full frame 5D sensor. Lower mpxl for better light sensitivity. All the features, RAW, ect 14 stops dynamic range. This could be the real enigma camera for having a larger sensor, the full frame vista vision look, ect. Don't expect it to be cheap.

Why are these my bets ? because its what Canon basically has to deliver if they expect to stay relevent. Sony can't make FS7's fast enough. They sell out as soon as big vendors get shipments in. 

Why would I stick with Canon instead of a FS7 or even A7s ? I'm done dinking around with dslr bodies, tiny connectors, all the extras required to make them shootable for real production work. Even lack of basic SDI out, oh another $350 HDMI->SDI adapter to add... I love the look of Canon video cameras. They have very nice color right out of the box with out requiring too much tweaking. I want a couple XLR's or TA3's, manual level controls and usuable in camera audio. I want a hand grip on the top of the camera. I want all the menu controls of a real video camera. I'm willing to pay that up to a point. If Canon thinks they have a $15K and $25K price point for their new models, I'm getting an FS7 or maybe F5. No I'm not so crazy about the Sony look, but with some menu tweaking in the color matrix you can really get them nice. FWIW I always find Canon's a bit too green and take a point or two out.

So there you go. Lets see what NAB brings !