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Friday, March 27, 2015

Its Been A While

Well my personal life has been a bit crazy. Mostly I've been out of town to deal with the estate of my mother and taking taking of her house to get it ready to be sold. Its been a long intense experience. The days themselves where long and I had very limited internet access which was slow when I got it.  Drove back and forth and had this number flash by some where in Virginia... or was it West Virginia ? I don't know. Its been lots of thought time to say the least about what's important. 

NAB is a few weeks away. The rumors are already flying and the official press releases will pick up over the next couple of weeks leading into the show. There are only a couple of things I really care about - Canon please have an affordable C series 4K camera ready. There will be the usual round of post software product updates, some of which I've already been playing with :) so I'm not worried about seeing things. Better LED lights. Who knows what interesting things will be in those small out of the way booths. 

In fact I'm going to be doing a product demo for Tiger Technology for their SAN management solution. Its an interesting product that takes the hard part out of setting up and running a SAN. More details shortly on this.

As for my post frequency, well I used to get 3-4 out every week. Now it seems its more like one every 2-3 weeks. I'm going to pick it up a bit. I have a lens review video I'm working on and a few other videos. I just need the time to get them done. Turning out these review videos takes time and I want to try to do a good job in the quality and accuracy of the content. Its not like I have a production crew either, just me. So many weeks I pick and choose between work and what else I can do. So we'll see how it goes. No promises and I'll maybe even step up to facebook on when I have significant posts. Had some thoughts I may do fewer NAB parties this year and maybe even a quick video report or too... we'll see !

Its all a sorting process as I have not just lost my mother a month ago, but a number of other huge things have happened in my personal life. Perhaps of equal significance was the breakup with my former LTR of 6 years a couple months ago. It was completely civil, we're still friends and even hang out once in a while that way. We still see value in keeping each other in our lives, but just in a different way. I think I can apply that to a lot of other things in life like your gear or software... or just the stuff you accumulate over the years. Mostly I'd say its about experience, learning what's important, what to keep.  Deep thoughts today, but ones that are quite valid when we all head off to NAB to see the latest and greatest. Does this new thing really make me money any better than the old thing ? and by how much faster and easier does it really make my life or is it a case of gear acquisition syndrome ? Good question, be honest about the answer. I rarely use tungsten lights of any  kind any more, and I"ve gotten rid of most them in my collection because they simply didn't work. Just taking up space. Not sure I'd ever compare the loss of significant people in one's life, but the lessons from one may help guide decisions about other areas of your life...

See you all at NAB ! MMB monday nite and we'll take it from there.