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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Has It Really Been That Long ?

WOW ! yes it has. Well work and actual vacation have kept me from posting. I needed time off. For those of you following me on Facebook I've been making a lot of very nice images from that trip.

Utah desert mesa water irragation


I was of course at NAB. I was doing product demos for SAN storage and software provider which has a really great SAN solution from software only thru several levels of hardware depending on your needs and budget. Its all managed with a web based GUI making admin and use easy and simple. Having manually done this sort of stuff in the linux command line and manually edited config files, this setup is a no brainer if you time means anything. I will become a certified installer and trainer on the product soon.

Meanwhile some NAB and general thoughts : 

Canon C300 Mk2 is an Alexa for 1/3 the price. Its a seriously great camera, just wish it was priced a little lower. That said I think its a very safe buy. I saw its 4K output on Sony 4K monitors and looked at things like gradients. There where some shots with washes of blue and purple on the background wall. No banding. NADA. Smooth. I did catch a shot with some moire in it, but since this isn't a shipping product yet I'm sure its something they will have fixed by ship time in sept. All its codecs are 10bit except for the proxy files. All in all this is a beast of a camera that builds on a battle tested model already.

Lectrosonics is finally shipping their new wireless. Ya they have a display that's a bit better than the G3's that have been kicking their asses for quite some time. No twiddly micro rotating switches to change freq's with tweaky tool, smaller size, better pricing ( $2k for transmitter and receiver ). Its about time they finally got back in the game with a completive product.

Disappointing : Sennhieser and Shure's digital wireless. 2.4ghz band hopping units. No way you can use them at NFL, NBA, Nascar or any other event with tight frequency coordination... never mind 50K people who may have WiFi turned on in their cell phones. Nope, thats just not going to work. So sad.

Canon 50-1000MM Zoom. Sure its pricey, but if you want to shoot sports with a big sensor camera, this is the only lens out there suitable for the job.  Yes In know there are quite a few 25-250 Ageneuix lenses, but nothing this long. T5 which mgith seem  a little slow, but given native ISO's of 800-2000 on modern big chip cameras this isn't a big deal and really, DoF @ 1000mm and T5 is gonna be what ? 1ft @ 50ft ? so making a faster lens is kind of a moot point as you could never keep the thing in focus. 

Adobe continues to innovate new products while doing very respectable updates on current products. Happy they are working hard to deliver goodness to their users. CC 2015 apps are a solid stepfowards.

Well thats it for now.... and other image from my trip