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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Its been a while

Since my last post, ya, a while. UT thank you for this shot.

Mostly just taking time off. Imagine that ! The daily grind, or thrice weekly post for a blog site for YEARS can be a grind, especially when you don't make much $ from it.

Survived yet another  EAA 2015 or 7 days,  more networks sports and corporate work over the last few weeks. I have 2 lens reviews in the works. Editing one now, next one shortly. All good.

Looking at the last few weeks of news, Resolve 12 Beta I've been testing and its all been good. Much better performance on h.264 material - at least on my tower box with 12/24HT cores and K5000. I've been getting solid 24fps play back in 1080 with several nodes applied. Back to what I got on 8 core box with Q4800 in V8. Not sure why it was such a crazy course of detours but the app seems back on track with performance finally.  Looking forwards to release version !