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Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Yet Another New Codec...

Oh yah another new codec. This time a HUGE big difference because of who all the players are : Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla and Netflix. Notice Apple isn't on the bandwagon, yet ! Today they announced that they have formed a new open source alliance the Alliance for Open Media . Seems like every one is finally tired of dealing with the MPEG licensing group, and all the other non-sense involved with codecs and patents. Finally some sanity in the market place. I think they finally figure out paying lawyers to sue each other in  mindless never ending patent wars just isn't profitable, useful or worth anyone's time anymore.  Instead of plunging down the patent mined H.265 for 4K streaming, all the major players except Apple are on board. I'd expect Apple will join, with some kicking and screaming... or maybe not. Unlike Blu-Ray which Apple didn't pursue because of the insane copy protection requirements it had, this may well be something they get behind. 

As content creators it'll be nice to have a distribution format that will have universal playback abilities across devices and OS's. 

For actual creation, I'm a backer of the open source patent free MOX file format for production and archive. Documented, source code available, reable well into the future regardless of what hardware or OS is out there. When you can open the box and see the parts that make it work, you can port or even re-write the code from scratch if you have to and still be able to access the media. Based on MXF single file format, it could very quickly turn into the next QT / ProRes format... without the restrictions.