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Thursday, September 17, 2015


I thought this image was appropriate. I'm here, but in the process of making some big changes. I've taken a break from the several times a week postings I normally had been doing for the last couple of YEARS ! No going away, just updating and changing. Exciting new things. Yes I have a new lens review I'm working on right now in between being busy with work and lots of changes in my personal life. All good, but all taking time too ! While I'll probably do a redesign on the site to make it as they love to say " responsive design based" I'm planning on MUCH more content soon. I have a new affiliate vendor that will be helping me out, as well as... well... I'm just going to keep it a secret for now :).  The care and feeding of a blog site is a huge undertaking that until you do it, you may not understand. Its a part time job. At some point, well you might also l like to see some revenue also come in. So I'm making those changes to make this sustainable and growable. I'm not going into the daily news thing. There are several good sites at that, with an actual staff of at least several people sharing the workload. Instead I'm going into a direction better suited to my experience in the production world. Its probably been the theme of this site since day one but now in a new direction. So I'm working on it and over the next few weeks I hope to get a bunch of things solidified and start going forwards again.