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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Getting Closer

Progress is happening... like the new camera that is taking up my time in doing testing on. Screen capture above and I guess the big news is that 4K setting. Yes I have a C300 Mk2 I'm starting a long series of test and evaluations on. I'll start sharing bits and peices over the next few weeks. The first thing I'll say is its NOT a C300, this camera is completely its own thing with significantly different imaging from the older camera. So far, all for the better, especially in what I'd have to to term as very film like highlight handling. Unlike pretty much every other electronic camera I've worked with before, the mk2 just eats up bright areas and holds detail when other cameras have toasted them to nuclear white out. In situations where other cameras would of just gone to  pure white, the C300 is still making details that are very usuable. thats just from my first simple tests in comparing it with other cameras and with the various emulation profiles it has. 

So while its not cheap, it does perform. There are some intangables about imaging with it that require significant getting to know time. I'm putting that time in and will have a series of videos coming on this very soon. I just need some 36hr days to get it all done.