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Saturday, August 06, 2016

C300 Firmware Update - New

So I've been slow with updates.... Such is life when you are busy, really busy working ! Here is a look at a Kodak 100 year old vintage lens on a C300 Mk2. I also have the latest canon firmware update installed on my camera. Short summary cLog3 is cool New pixel readout greatly reduces horizontal fixed pattern noise. In conditions previously that resulted in ugly images, FIXED ! That simple. Use cLog1 or 3 for now. Haven't tested cLog 2 yet but overall this update really seems to be what should of been in the camera when it shipped. cLog1 works great too. Easy to grade. Skip LUT and just CC to taste. cLog3 also looks very tasty. Grades easily and shows lots of nice gradation. Really when working with this material, I've just never had anything better looking come through here and thats just first impressions from this shoot...