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Friday, March 03, 2017

NAB 2017 - Getting Ready

New van ! About time. Actually my last van was bought only 4 years ago and I put nealy 100K miles on it. Just getting the new one set up. New carts, insultation, interior, lighting, fold away desk and monitor, 1kw inverter, XLR4 12V power connecotors. Its going to be a very nice setup to work out of. Ready for typical grip work, but also able to do typical news production as a mini sat truck with LiveU, lots of lighting power. I'll probably take it out to NAB this year as a test run. 

In other news, the GH5 tests done on a site have been making some noise. I guess those who thought it would make pix like a 5-10X the price Varicam LT or C300 mk2 are not happy. Sure the internal codec isn't doing the image any favors, but really its not bad for the price. You GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR ! so overlly expectations abound I think, at least when recording with the internal codec. An external recorder may make for modestly better results but any inherint flaws in the image processing from the camera itself are going to be what they are. There is just so much space, power and heat you can dissapate in a tiny camera body like that. Compromises have to be made to get it to work... so get over it its not perfect. Its still pretty good though and suitable for some people's needs. Personally I'm kind of done with the dslr form factor for video unless its a situation where something that small is a requirement. Meanwhile I got a Hero5 a few weeks ago and have really been impressed with it. Its fixed all the problems of the previous GoPro cameras and I've sold off my older ones.