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Saturday, March 18, 2017

UGH.... New Cameras

Really I think that the KonwayTech Camera will be a show hit with infinite res to 32K and beyond depending on power levels, and 16 to 24bit pixel depth per RGB pixel making for 64bit + images. Well beyong human visioning. Finally a camera that does them all to shame at the price breaking point of $129.95 in a Walmart near you.

Seriously, after 4K the pixels don't matter unless you are trying to drive wall size screens at super high pixel counts. Even for compositing work much beyond 4K becomes rather beastly to work with on current hardware. Instead just give me 12bit 444 4K. All the pixels raw with enough gradation that if you vaguely expose the image correctly there is plenty to work with. Give me HDR displays with more DR. 

After that I don't care so much. We already have some many of the tools here and in the field working. New lenses.. YAH!. Whats wrong with the ones I have ???? well besides an affordable ENG usable S35 zoom, they are all good. Fujinion has really thrown it down with recent $10K price cuts on their glass plus selling one w/o the hand grip to shave another $4k off the price. Almost there. So really unless there is something real earth shattering I'm happy with my glass. 

What would get me to buy some new glass, especially primes ? AF **AND** IS. Never thought I'd say that but the Canon 17-55 2.8 which has both is my goto lens for ENG work. The AF takes the margin of error out of shooting in knowing that whatever you put the focus box on will be sharp, or the face recognition has it locked. I know, this is herasy but when shooting 4K, its like jumping up from SD to HD in how sensitive focus now is. What looks sharp in HD is soft or out in 4K and all the more visible. So having AF to help out when it makes sense is invaluable. The same for IS to smooth out hand held interviews or a couple quick B roll shots where you don't have a tripod but need the shots. It just helps out in taking out any bumps for suble smooth movement provided you aren't working it beyng its range to cope. Then it will work against you as it center snaps back into its mid spot. So know how to let IS help you when you need it.

Thats it... more soon.