Reinvention Time

After 10 plus years of writing reviews, how to’s, videos some changes are coming. Lets face it, it’s hard to keep turning content out when there isn’t much money in it.  Sure you sometimes get products for cheap, there are tiny little payments from Google and Youtube, but not enough to make it worth while. One’s ego can have a certain boost and thats probably why people do it, but now it  may be a thing of the past.

Are the days of blogs over ? killed by not always social media ? I think quite possibly they are. Some news aggregation sites live, but several have become so low in the level of quality content that I no longer visit them.

Whats the plan then  ? Well I know I have content thats of value to some people as I see the page hits everyday. Not a 100K hits, but enough that I figure the people who kindly stop by found what they wanted and got some good information. Therefore I’m going to split this site in half, sort of. All the content here will stay put, but the landing page will change. One side the blog site, the other dedicated to my DP work. I’m making some investment into a new me. Targeting to have it done in the next month or so. Should be fun ! Meanwhile, leave a comment ! always nice to see people find existing content useful and that it doesn’t fall into the digital abyss.

beams of light thru cloud near sunset over lake