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Looking for a DP who creates unique images ?


Simple to complex productions.
Crews of any size.
Get it done.


Truly creative ideas.
Understanding of imagery to evoke thoughts and emotions.

Technical Knowledge

Great ideas require skill and knowledge to create.
Got it.

Easy Going

Don’t panic.

Meet Me !

Let me introduce myself. 

DP & Color Reel

Lots of shots from jobs both big and small over the last decade. The opening shot shows that being a DP isn’t just about cameras in a physical space but 3D virtual ones as well where you have complete control of camera position, lighting and color.

Short Form Branded Content :
Meet The Baumanns

This is a business doc on Wisconsin’s largest Ginseng grower. Shot over a year to capture all the seasons and processes in creating this popular export product. 

4K anamorphic lenses added a great look to this project. It was shot with minimal crew and gear over several months to capture the entire project. This video highlights the artist and his inspirations in completing this mural.
Shot on just a few reels of 16mm this was a trailer to get funding for a full length project for a producer. Sound design and layering help set up the dramatic story.

Social Issues

I’m an active supporter of various social causes and issues including the LGBQT+ community, drug endangered children, charities and services supporting those in need. 

Things That Fly

I specialize in shooting aircraft in flight. Not from the ground or with a drone, but up in the air with another plane. It requires working with a skilled pilot you trust. Careful planning and communications with safety always  in mind results in some amazing shots no one else has. Worth a watch, no CGI involved.

Selling Things

Hunting boots ad for a WI based company with celeb hunter.
In Wisconsin we make things with a large base of nationally known manufacturing companies. One of those things made here is all of the US brands generators and lighting towers. I worked with Magnum Power Products on anew product update. 
Cequent Group : Trailer hitch stabilizer, two different brands for same product. This was shot and edited with both brand names in most of the shots  so everything had to be shot twice.