A Look At the SLR Magic MicroPrime 12mm on a FujiFilm X-T3. Lens Charts, Bokeh.

A new video taking a look a the SLR Magic MicroPrime 12mm Cine lens. Shot on a Fujifilm X-T3 in 4K it will give you some insight into the performance of this lens on a camera some folks complain is too sharp. I think this lens will give you really nice and more organic looking images.

Aputure 120D Mark2 Comparison to 200w HMI and Other Lights

A side by side comparison using a light meter to check out the true output of each of these lights under the same test. The aputure 120D really puts out a lot of light, especially with the new 2X Fresnel attachment. I put it up against a 200W Kobold HMI and a LTM 575 HMI with some surprising results with all the lights.